25-31 May 2020


International Week of Anti-Imperialism Struggle (25-31 May 2020)

Imperialism is putting the future of life on the planet at risk, with its militaristic policies of intervention and aggression and of catastrophic environmental degradation. We – movements and organizations of the youth, peasants, and women, as well as political and trade union organizations, movements for peace and intellectual networks from across the world – call for mass participation during the International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle from May 25-31, 2020.

We live in times of instability and uncertainty about the future of humanity and of the planet. Capitalism and its logic of accumulation are generating unprecedented levels of inequality among people. Millions of human beings suffer the consequences of a crisis which is not only economic but also social, humanitarian, political and environmental, and a crisis of values. It is a systemic crisis, a crisis of civilization.

Capital seeks to increase rates of profit by attacking the working conditions and social rights of the people, especially the working class, and by appropriating natural resources and the advances of science and technology, which must belong to all of humanity.

The current offensive of capital attacks human rights and democracy, as well as the principles of equity and national sovereignty of States and democracy. A coordinated effort of monopolistic transnational corporate power, international networks of misinformation, and supra-national structures of imperialist domination seeks total domination of the planet.

The Trump administration erodes International Law with illegal interventions, provocations, military aggression, and economic boycotts against peoples and sovereign States that refuse to submit to the domination of the US and its allies. Today, the US imposes sanctions on 51 countries, including Cuba and Venezuela, which are heroic examples of the anti-imperialist struggle. It also carries out enormous provocations in the Middle East, such as the attacks on Iran and the imposition of the “Deal of the Century” against the Palestinian people and their historical rights.

Neoliberalism is one of the most violent and anti-democratic forms of domination of transnational capital. It does not offer hope nor does it offer a solution for our people. Authoritarian, racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic solutions to the current crisis gain momentum, embodied in the governments of the United States, Brazil, India, among others and the ascent of the far right in Europe. Women and LGBTQI+ people have become the primary targets.

The National Security Strategy adopted by the Trump administration in 2017 points at Russia and China as targets in the military sphere and consolidates both the doctrine of unilateralism and the withdrawal of the US from international treaties that are fundamental instruments for international peace. This has unleashed an escalation of geopolitical tensions and conventional and nuclear rearmament that threatens human existence.

In the meeting celebrating the 70th anniversary of NATO, this organization reaffirmed itself as a threat to world peace. It even seeks to militarize space. Continuing the historic traditions of struggle, unity, and mobilization of the international movement for peace and disarmament, we demand the dissolution of NATO, the withdrawal of the 800 U.S. military bases, total disarmament, the end of all actions of intervention and external aggression; and we demand that each nation be resolved to abide by the Charter of United Nations and of International Law.

All global resources must be used to resolve the principal problems of humanity: hunger, sickness, poverty, and inequality. We fight for peace, democracy, human rights, labor rights, refugees, migrant workers, people’s sovereignty, international law, the rights of women and LGBTQI+ people, and the rights of nature. We stand against discrimination and racism, which characterize imperialism.

We reaffirm that the people have a common enemy: those who are promoting fascist, anti-social, patriarchal, and xenophobic values.

Therefore, we call for a mass anti-imperialist action between May 25 and 31, 2020. We will take to the plazas and streets of our countries with broad and united mobilizations in an international campaign to guarantee a future for our planet, exhausted and degraded by the predatory action of big capital. This is a mobilization against militarism and imperialism and against all of its expressions in our countries and territories.

We know that our strength lies in our mobilization.

Let us unite our hope to build a world where all of us can live with dignity!